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Welcome to a very special place representing a critical part of American history.  The Liberia Community, anchored by Soapstone Baptist Church, is an enclave of African-American culture and history established in 1865 by freed slaves. 

Given land in exchange for their labor, these men and women eventually established in northern Pickens County and adjacent Greenville County a community of hundreds of black Americans. 

Over the decades, residents were pulled from their lands by better economic opportunities up North and were pushed out by racism from the Jim Crow South.  Today, very few descendants remain, but those who do remain, or who have returned, invite you to experience the beauty and history of the place called Liberia.

For more information contact
Mable Clark
296 Liberia Road
Pickens, SC  29671

(864) 414-8470

Sunday Services - 11:30 am
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